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Check-in and parking in Lecco, corso Matteotti

19/10/2022 by Maria Anishchenko

Hi! If you are seeing this page, you have already booked our apartment in Lecco. Here you will find some information that might be useful for your arrival and stay.

How to reach the apartment

From the train station:

The apartment is located within 5 minute walk from the train station (personal record to reach the train from the apartment door is 2 minutes, but I had to run 😅). When you exit from the train and go down to the station tunnel, go in the direction of tracks 4-5, and take the elevator or stairs to via Balicco. Turn left to reach corso G.Matteotti, turn right and go along the pink fence. The first house on the right side is the one you need.

by the way, we have a detailed post here about moving by public transport in the area.

By car:

Lecco is easily reachable by car. However, note that you cannot enter by car in the city center if you are not authorized! Luckily, the apartment is right at the border of the city center so you can reach it by car without problems.

We do not offer private parking with this apartment, but if you want to stop in front of the entrance to unload the bags, you can temporarily (!) stop in the dedicated space in the picture below. The metal bars are not locked, so you can lift them and move them, just please, do not forget to install them back afterward.

Where to park

There are 3 types of parking in Lecco:

white lines – free parking. Sometimes there can be a limit of how long you can stay.

blue lines – parking on payment. You will always see nearby instructions to pay. We recommend you install the EasyPark app with which you can pay for most of the parking spaces with your phone.

yellow lines – private space. Never park there.

Below you will see a document with the parking nearby the apartment.

our preferred parking is P2 (it has a time limitation only from one side of the road and no limits from another). P5 is parking of a mall. Technically, there is a limit of 5 hours of parking during the mall opening hours, but many people leave their cars for longer periods without having problems. Do not be afraid of the eventual sign “closed” at the entrance. It refers to the mall. The parking is always open.


Usually, we always aim to meet our guests personally. However, it is not always possible for various reasons. Luckily we have a keypad on the door with which you can enter without needing a key (we will send you a personal code directly on the day of arrival). In case we meet you in person, call the doorbell Perego / Anishchenko.

Here is the video on how to reach the apartment and on where to find the key to the entrance door. We usually leave the key max 2 hours before your arrival, so if you change your plans and arrive earlier, inform us in advance!

We would leave you a contract to sign that will state as well if you need to pay the tourist tax. Usually, you pay the tourist tax online if you book with Airbnb. Booking only informs you on how much you need to pay but does not collect the money. The general rule on tourist tax in Lecco is 1 euro per person per night for a maximum of 5 euros per person. Children until 14 years do not pay for it. Also, we would kindly ask you to fill out the check-in form here or send us pictures of your ID cards or passports before your arrival so that we can register you in accordance with local regulations.

Booklet of the house

In the following booklet, you will find details about the apartment and the surrounding area. You will find a printed copy upon your arrival.

In case of any problems, contact us directly on WhatsApp or by calling!

See you very soon,

Maria and Sergio

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