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Is it worth to invest in the Short Rentals?

Why you should invest in the short-rental business!

.If you have money on traditional investments, you perfectly know that 8%-10% of ROI for a solid and safe investment is a dream. With short-rentals is possible!

Why Investing in Short Rentals with MAT

We help you entering into the world of short-term rentals without having to become an expert, reducing the time for the start of the business and minimizing the risks in the return on investment. We are your Short Rental Portfolio Manager, following you in every step, from the identification of the properties that have the greatest potential in short term rentals and up to the ordinary management of your investment. You choose from our proposals, or if you do not find the one that suits you provide us with the guidelines: the size of the investment, the type of "risk" and consequent revenues, the type of property that must be selected, and so on. We will do the rest, preparing a business plan and guiding you through the activation process of your Case Portfolio. We summarize below the main advantages of working with us.

Safety and ROI

We know the world of short-term rentals, and we are a company created to manage properties and operate in compliance with current regulations. You will enter this world without having to study its complexity. Once you choose to enter the world of short-term rentals, you won't be afraid to make mistakes. Thanks to our experience in short-term rentals, we can rely on very accurate statistical data, which allow us to define a very accurate revenue model. By integrating the statistical revenue data with the cost model (purchase, startup and operational), we are able to provide you with a business plan with clear indications on the return on investment, cash flow, residual value of the operation. You will have no hidden costs.

Turnkey Investment and Benefits

With MAT the entry into the world of short-term rentals is "turnkey". It means that you can consider this operation similar to what you would do if you decided to buy stocks or bonds: you decide the size and riskiness of the investment, we will take care of the rest. You won't have to deal with anything else. Additional advantages over traditional investments:

  • you are buying a durable good, which is unlikely to lose value over time;
  • the annuity is much higher than the purchase of a portfolio of shares;
  • you own a property in a tourist area that you can still use occasionally;
  • If you decide to sell the property, the value will have grown over time,
  • because now it is no longer just a property in a tourist area;
  • It is a property on which you can certify an annuity over time

  • Investments Book

    We prepared foryou a full "Investments Book". The idea is very simple: you will find inside all the "siezs for your investment", and for each proposal we give you info on the Return of Investments, restructuring costs, initial investment and recurring revenues and costs.  Please feel free to fill the form; we will send you the entire book! You will find solutions starting from 40k€ till 200k€.

    Fill the form and ask for our Investments Book! Is for free!