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Renting your Home with Short Rentals

We can tell you everything on Short Renting...

... but let's start from the easy thing! If you have a property and you want to start your "Short renting" business, we will manage all the complexity for you. And in 15 working days, you will start to earn money.

Start with Airbnb or Booking...

Short term rental platforms like Airbnb and Booking allow individual homeowners to make money in the hospitality industry; these platforms solve the problem of the visibility of your property and are perfect to manage the communication between hosts and guests. In few hours, if you know how they work, you will be on line and start to receive requests!

But what does it mean renting your property in Italy? Reading more you will discover that there's someting more to do.
Let's explore!

Short rental business in Italy

In Italy the Short Rentals are ruled by a lot of lows; sometimes it's not so easy to understand what to do, since you have National, Regional and Municipality rules and taxes. The most important thing to do is to declare to the government that you're starting a business, even if you're a private owner. After that you've to check the Regional rules, open an account to the police department portal, and understand how you have to pay the tourist tax to the municipality.

We did it as private hosts, and it took really a lot of time to understand if we were doing everything correctly!

My Amazing Times model

My Amazing Times covers all the services needed to start up and manage a short rental business. We have inside all the competences: legal, fiscal, business development, property management, interior design, … Every host has different competences and needs; this is the reason why we prepared 3 different programs: Affiliate, Premium and Shared. With the Affiliate program we will take care of your start-up giving you all the tools to manage your business. We will set-up the administrative stuff, we will configure the OTA channels (Airbnb, Booking, …) with your property, we will define together with you an annual target, and we will give you all the power of the My Amazing Times brand, including our website and Instagram visibility. We will manage the bookings, and we will manage the bank incomes and tax payments. You will also take advantage of our insurance covering. Our rate will be 20% With the Premium program we will additionally manage what it happens from the check-in till the check-out, short rental contract signature, cleanings, guests accounting during their stay, and so on. Our rate will be 30% The Shared program will be defined together with you. Responsibilities will be shared, and the rate will be based on the real services covered by My Amazing Times, between 20% and 30%.

Step by Step


Business Plan

We will analyze revenues and costs (startup and running), and we will understand how much you will get (net amount, after taxes and running costs). We will decide the business model and we will understand how it will work. Non commitment for you; is our investment!


Let's start!

To start your rental business we need only the cadastral certificates (no worries, if you have SPID credentials we will find it together), and give us delegation to operate. We will open your business. Costs for you? Nothing! Risk?
Meanwhile we will subscribe a contract, that describes our duties, responsibilities, target revenues,... The contract has an exit clause; if something is not ok for you, we will simply stop and your property will be immediately free.


We're in the business!

Fantastic! We're in the business! What do you have to do now? You're in a car with an automatic pilot. We will manage every operational task: managing the OTA portals (Airbnb, Booking, VRBO, ...), studying the best price strategy, managing the communication with guests, check-in, check-out, cleaning. Do you want to change something? No worries. We will have monthly meetings to discuss it


Uff the boring tax payment....

No! We will manage it! Yes, you will receive a monthly report with all the information on the bookings, with a transparent info on revenues and activities. We will check actuals compared to budget, and we will send you a periodic bank transfer with net money. We will pay taxes for you, nothing else to do than taking money and go to celebrate to the restaurant 🙂


I want back my property now!

Our contract is extremely flexible. The only think to take care is that we cannot "close" a booking already accepted. You can send us a simple email, and usually in 60 days the bookings will be over and the property will be free.

What our hosts say about us After using our services

We have a high potential front lake property, but since we’re multiple owners, it was not so easy to startup a short rental activity. Sergio and Maria show us their “dream” of My Amazing Times, and we decided to trust them. Everything went into the right direction; Sergio and Maria started up the company, and now the property is fully managed by them, with a solid contract that protects us, and with transparent periodic communications on our fees. Every month the actuals are more than the budget, guests are fully managed by My Amazing Times, and the relationship is professional and friendly.
Alida Property - Dervio
Yes, I’m the founder of My Amazing Times and the first Host that decided to be part of the My Amazing Times Hosts tribe. Believe me, starting this business from scratch as a “private host” was not so easy, and full of traps and difficulties. In Italy the legislation is complicated and in development; I had to learn everything: how to build an attractive proposal on the channels, how to start a short rental official business, how to obtain the CIR code from the region, how to communicate with the local police, how to collect and pay the Tourist Tax, and how to pay my taxes… Now, as “host”, I delegated everything to My Amazing Times. I agree every year on the target to reach, and the only thing that I have to do is to check the money that I receive on my Bank Account. Easy life 😊
Sergio Property - Lecco
I have a property in Lecco, that was not used since years, but I had no time to spend in understanding what to do; time was flowing and nothing was changing. My Amazing Times took care of everything, including the investment to reactivate the property. Before the property was only a cost, and was becoming older and older every year; now, without any upfront investment (time and money) the property is an income, and the value has increased thanks to the renewals and to the fact that now I can show that’s a positive investment! If in the future I will need the apartment, it will be available and perfectly working!
Claudio Property - Pescarenico
I have a little property in the heart of a village in Valsassina. In the past I was thinking only about "long term rentals", since I thought it was easier and less time consuming. Indeed, with My Amazing Times is exactly the opposite! They activated the short term rental in few days and they started to find guests immediately. The revenues are more, and I spend no time in managing the property or guests. Another important thing: now I can stop rentals when I want, also for predefined periods when I will use the property for direct purposes.
Elisa Property - Barzio

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