The Apartment “My Amazing Times”

My Amazing Times is an apartment located in Lecco center and fully equiped for people that wants to feel immediately like at home. You will find whatever you need, including Alexa that will give you easy information on how to use all the equipments.

Amazing Experiences

Julia and Markus picture, taken on a Ferrata path. Click here to see more pictures!

We decided to build a complete offering, based on these 3 pillars: a top level apartment bookable via platforms like Airbnb, an accurate information book both for check-in and for your stay, and what we call “Amazing experiences”: if you want, we will be available to show you how to deeply live the Lake, the mountains and the surroundings. Click on the link or follow the menu just to be inspired on what to do during your stay.

  • San Martino
    San Martino is a mountain near Lecco with a fantastic view! Check out the 2 paths to go up on it: the easy and path and via ferrata.
  • Lecco Bell Tower – Matitone
    The bell tower of Lecco is the second tallest in Italy! It has an amazing history and impressive views. Continue reading to know how to visit it.
  • Resegone
    Resegone is a mountain that towers over the city of Lecco. It’s profile reminding a saw is a symbol of Lecco! Check three paths of how to go to one of its peaks.
  • Four days hiking
    Four days hiking experience from Tartano to Piani di Bobbio! Read about our personal experience to get inspiration for future trips.
  • Lake Como For You
    All-inclusive experience to explore the Como lake from our partners Lake Como for You! Text us to get a special discount 😉
  • Ferrate around Lecco
    Ferratas are climbing routes that employ steel cables, rungs, or ladders, fixed to the rock. We have prepared for you a map with ferratas both for beginners and experts!

Amazing Places

We’re travellers like you, we love to deepdive into the local atmospheres, enjoying as much as possible experiences that will make our stay memorable, and we love to get in touch with local people. Follows a list of nice pictures we took during our experiences, that you can use as inspiration for your personal ones. If you like a place and you want to know how to reach it… chat with us clicking on the whatsapp icon at the bottom-right. Suggestions are free 🙂

Useful Links

If you want to prepare your stay in Lecco, we recommend to take a look to some useful web sites, that we collected for you. You will find general information on Lecco and sorroundings, suggestions on what to do, and a very useful Google Map “Things to do around Lecco” where we collected service info (parking, shops,…), mountains to visit, beaches were to swim, ferrata to reach,…