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Arrival and check-in. Lecco – Pescarenico

20/10/2022 by Maria Anishchenko

Hi! If you are reading this post, you have already booked our apartment in Lecco, via Rosmini, 2. On this page, you will find some info for your arrival and stay.

Arrival by public transport

Lecco is easily reachable by public transport both from surrounding cities and airports. You can check more info about public transport in this post. The apartment is located within 20 minutes walk from the Lecco train station. A beautiful pedestrian path near the lake is slightly longer but way nicer than the direct one.

You can also take a bus n.1 or 6 from the Lecco train station to the bus stop “Pescarenico – Carceri.” You can buy the tickets in a small newspaper kiosk at the exit from the train station tunnel. To check the bus schedule, we recommend you use Moovit App, which shows the precise schedule and bus stops. Somehow Google maps do not show all the buses in the area…

The house is not well recognizable from the outside since there is a small mall on the ground floor, and the condominium on the upper level is not well visible from the outside. Here is the entrance door you should search for:

The doorbell is 0305. Once you enter, take the elevator or stairs to the first floor – you will arrive at the condominium gardens. Go following indications to “Scala D.” There is another doorbell, call D.2.1. Enter the building and go one floor up. If you use the elevator, press button 2. The apartment door is the first from the left side. In the following video, you will see how to reach the apartment from the entrance door. Spoiler: the house is a sort of labyrinth 😅.

A small tip: the light does not switch automatically at the staircase. When you enter the “Scala d,” you will see a switcher on the right side near the one that opens the entrance door.

Arrival by car

The house is easily reachable by car, and there is a variety of parking nearby. There is also a free underground garage under the apartment house. To reach its entrance, go to the end of via Rosmini. You will see a ramp going down on the right side. If you arrive after 8 pm, the gate might be closed. In this case, park outside, and enter from the main door as described previously. On arrival, we will give you the electronic key to enter the gate at any time of the day.

Take the ramp to go to the underground level. Search for the parking near “Scala D”. There is a direct entrance to the condominium. There is no doorbell, you need a key to enter, but if you call or text us a few minutes before the arrival, we will go downstairs to open the door for you. If, for some reason, you cannot call us, go outside (you can use the public elevator that takes you to the mall) and then follow the instructions above on how to reach the apartment from street level. If you already have a key, enter, and take the elevator to the second floor. The apartment door is the first on the left.

Additional information

In the following booklet, you will find details about the apartment and the surrounding area. You will find a printed copy upon your arrival.

Self check-in

We always aim to meet our guests personally. In case if for some reason, we can’t meet you (for example, if you arrive very late or there is some emergency), be sure that we will inform you in advance about where to find the keys. Usually, we leave them in the bar downstairs. Feel free to call us in case of any problem, and inform us when you enter, so we know everything is ok.

We would leave you a contract to sign that will state as well if you need to pay the tourist tax. Usually, you pay the tourist tax online if you book with Airbnb. Booking only informs you on how much you need to pay but does not collect the money. The general rule on tourist tax in Lecco is 1 euro per person per night for a maximum of 5 euros per person. Children until 14 years do not pay for it. Also, we would kindly ask you to fill out the check-in form here or send us pictures of your ID cards or passports before your arrival so that we can register you in accordance with local regulations.

Feel free to ask us any questions!

See you soon,

Maria and Sergio

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