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Arrival in Germano Room

19/09/2023 by Sergio Perego

Follows video instructions to arrive to the location “Chiave di Volta”. 

You will arrive to a green wooden gate. Entering on the left you will find 3 lockers. Choose the locker with “GERMANO”. To take the key you need the code that will be sent via message.

And no you can reach your room!

You will enter into a shared kitchen. You can use all the appliances including the coffee machine. Remember that is a shared space, so please keep it clean.

The wi fi is “Casa Stacy” and the password is “cs 08071964″ )without ” and pay attention is needed a space 🙂

It can be that it works the other one: TP LINK – 80042815

In case of problems: 

Sergio: +393407050017

Maria:  +393465026497

Enjoy your stay!


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