October 20 - 21 - Valsassina - Como Lake




Under the open sky of the Valsassina land, we gather to connect, celebrate achievements, and chart our path to growthunited and in the spirit of joy


Path to the Outdoor meeting point

Arriving from Milano, go to Lecco and follow Valsassina – Ballabio. You will enter into a long series of tunnels. At the roundabout at the end of the tunnels, take the first exit (right) and continue. You will enter into the wondeful Valsassina Valley. This is the last part of the trip, from the Tamoil gas station (on the left) to Carozzi.

We will meet there at 8:30-9:30 am on Friday 20th!

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What About Event

Our two-day outdoor meeting promises an unforgettable experience. Nestled in a breathtaking location , we’ll converge to celebrate our achievements and set the stage for an inspiring future. The plenary room will be a hub for visionary discussions, where we’ll collectively chart our path forward. Amidst this, delectable food will tantalize our taste buds, and the party in the evening will infuse joy. With attendees from across Italy, spanning generations and expertise, we meet in the spirit of unity, and a shared passion for our business’s growth and success.

Carozzi Formaggi will be the heart of the event. We will meet there, They will make us dream with their cheese wide choice, and during the 2 days they will give us a lot of hints on the Valsassina cheese. Of course… we will taste it :). Starting from the breakfast… continuing with the lunch… and finally being the center of our activities on Saturday.

Vera, Silvia and Rebecca were involved in preparing this fantastic meeting

Comunità Montana

The Mountain Community aims to promote mountainous territories. This is primarily achieved through the preservation of the natural environment and the revitalization of the trades, products, and lifestyle of mountain populations. We will meet in their meeting room, and they will be available to show us the wonderful museum.

Tecla and Raffaella supported us in every details!

The Stube

La Stube is the typical Brewery-restaurant in Valsassina. We will taste the traditional local food, and thanks to Massimo and Manu we will spend our evening in a friendly environment, eating, drinking, singing and dancing 🙂 

La Stube will be also our meeting point for the event

Our accomodations

You will experience the concept of “scettered hospitality”. You will merge directly with the local culture. We choose for you different solutions, partnering with B&B Villa Cavallier, Agriturismo Cascina Cornella, Como Lake & Mountain, and of course on the My Amazing Times locations.

Michele, Fulvio and Mari worked together with us in preparing the accomodations


Partnering with Terre Alte Outdoor, on Saturday morning we will test our competitive attitude, both fighting against the rocks of the Climbing School in Pasturo, and participating to the Orienteering experience. Of course in case of bad weather we will have the plan B, with incredible experiences…

Barzio and Piani di Bobbio

Barzio and Piani di Bobbio, nestled in Lombardy  offer a captivating blend of natural beauty and traditional charm. Barzio boasts cobbled streets, local shops, and a serene ambiance. Nearby, Piani di Bobbio is a renowned ski resort in winter and a hiking haven in summer


Follows our Planning 🙂 Of course, since we will be in the Mountains and it’s October… we have 2 options… depending on the weather. This is the A-plan… hoping in a sunny week-end. No worries if it will rain… we will enjoy our meeting in any case…





DAY 1 - OCTOBER 20th

We will meet at Carozzi, waiting for all the people.

Move by foot to the Comunità Montana Auditorium for our meeting.

Back to Carozzi Formaggi, we will be delighted by the first cheese and wine experience 🙂

We will accomodate to our locations, and we will have time till 18:30 to move around Barzio for the treasure hunt… 

La Stube will be our meeting point. We will close the Trasure Hunt, andwill have the Local Food dinner

We will continue at the Stube, transforming a quite brewery in our dancing and singing spot.

Only if you want… you can also sleep!

DAY 2 - OCTOBER 21st

Let’s go back to Carozzi Formaggi, for the second day!

We will be divided in 2 groups… for the brave ones, climbing training, for the adventure lovers, Orienteering!

Last lunch all together, before our trip back to home. Last taste of Valsassina!


Hey, this is the game to discover the Valsassina’s altopiano, with all the villages including Barzio, Cremeno, Cassina Valsassina and Moggio. The game is simple… you will be divided in teams; each team will have to find people and places… take selfies, and take funny pictures. Send it to Whatsapp, and every quality picture, every selfie with local people, every piece of local history found… will give you a Bingo card for the evening 🙂

Last Meeting...

Some pictures of the last meeting in 2022. Can we do better this year?

Frequently Asked Question

If you have any question, please whatsapp it at +393407050017. We will answer shortly. In any case following you will find a list of FAQs

The arrival is planned between 8:30 and 9:30. You have to reach the Carozzi Formaggi parking (https://maps.app.goo.gl/G1HssGihBUvPYnYT7) by car. you can organize the car with your colleagues. From Milano it will take 1h to reach the meeting point. 

For the meeting in Comunità Montana is business informal. Remember to wear warm sport clothes for all other activities. 

Friday morning you will arrive directly to the Carozzi Formaggi parking. After breakfast we will move to our meeting room, and then back to Carozzi for lunch. We will reach the apartments after lunch. You will receive instructions during lunch.

No. after lunch you will be free to reach the apartments and visit Barzio. Nevertheless you will participate to a “treasure hunt” game, during your visit to Barzio. We will meet all together at the Stube at 6.30 pm, for aperitif, dinner and after dinner.

We will meet again to Carozzi Formaggi. Here you will find your breakfast, and depending on the weather we will start our experiences 🙂

The event will end after lunch in Carozzi Formaggi. You will be free to go back-home, or stay in the garden to play and enjoy the Valsassina green areas