Of course you can google by yourself, and you will find hundreds of websites. Consider this page just a starting point, a list of websites that we consider good for quality, useful info, language.

Carozzi Formaggi
Cheese experience 🙂

Lakecomo for you
“VIP experiences”

Tourist Guide to discover Lecco and sorroundings in Lombardy

Tabo Surfing
If you want to spend your amazing times on the lake!

Montagne Lago di Como
A must have if you want to be supported in building your journey!

Map of Things To Do
A very useful map we prepared for our guests.

In Lombardia
10 reasons to visit Lecco!

Rifugi Lombardia
Very deep info to live in nature your holidsys

Lombardia Facile
Info to live Lombardy in an accessible way..