To better organize your arrival, please fill the following form. Before starting to fill, please collect the Passport/ID number of the Family/Group Head, and birthdates of all the guests.

Why we’re asking this information?

Our locations are officially registered as a touristic location: it means that you’re granted that we’re respecting all the rules and taxes.

Our licence numbers:

LECCO: CIR: 097042-LNI-00013
DERVIO: CIR: 097030-LNI-00006

Every city in Italy has different rules. We will manage all the “administrative stuff” for you; you have only to enjoy the vacation! In any case, just to inform you, we have to:

Tourist Tax payments

Just to let you know the amount expected, follow the list of the rules for each single location:
– Lecco: 1€ per day per person older than 14, for a max of 5€ per person; 12 months per year
– Dervio: 1€ per per person older than 14, from June 1st to September 30th

We are obliged, as hosts, to collect this amount and pay it to the municipality. You will have to pay the amount cash before leaving, and we will provide you the receipt via email or whatsapp.

In our prorperties you will find all the information and documentation. Just for example, this is the Tourist tax rule for Lecco: