Do you want to earn money
with your property?


It’s easy and free! You can contact us via whatsapp or you can fill the form to receive a little questionnaire; we will collect your info, and we will give you back on the potential of your property and we will simulate a first the business plan!

Becoming an “amazing place”

My Amazing Times is a company that offers full services for locations “short rent”. The service is built for private owners that wants to start to earn money with their location without any risk and without losing time. At the same time MyAmazingTimes offers services for Guests to grant them a very amazing travelling experience. This mix of services will help hosts to increase the quality of their offer, increasing profits and reducing risks.

Entering into the MyAmazingTimes network

Entering in our network will give you the possibility to take advantage of our knowledge and experience. What you will need is an “amazing location” and the desire to start immediately to earn money. Follows our mission; entering into our network means to be immediately recognized as a “top host”, and this will improve both visibility and margins!

Host Support

Guest Support

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Services for MyAmazing Hosts

Everything is organized to maximize your revenues and minimize your effort! We will give you detailed instructions on how to easily start, and we will be always present for all your hosting experience, till when you will decide for any reason to stop.

Let’s check the Business Plan!

If you want to understand how much you can earn with a short rent of your property, you’re in the right place. And it’s for free! We will collect the basic information of your property, and we will insert all the parameters into our “Business Plan Configurator”.

If you will think that it works… we will give you all the information on what do to for the next steps