Resegone is a mountain that towers over the city of Lecco. It is so named because of its resemblance to a saw (in local dialect called résega) as it has eleven summits of similar height. The highest of these summits, Punta Cermenati, reaches 1,875 m above sea level. Italian author Alessandro Manzoni made Resegone the backdrop for some of the scenes in his novel The Betrothed (in Italian Promessi sposi).

The mountain is popular with both hikers and climbers with many maintained paths and Via ferratas as well as many opportunities for rock climbing on the south and west walls of the northern summits. The views from the top peaks are really amazing! As well you can have a delicious meal at the rifugio Azzoni with an amazing panorama! Below you can see several options of how to go up:

1. Rifugio Azzoni from Lecco

This path is the longest and can be exhausting if you are not trained well, but starts from Lecco, so you can easily reach the starting point by public transport.

How to reach the starting point:

By car: Go to the parking of the Funivia Piani d’Erna, Via Prealpi, 34, 23900 Lecco. Parking costs 3€. It is a huge parking, though in summer week ends it gets full quite fast, so it is suggested to go early.
By public transport from Lecco: take a bus #5 from the train station of Lecco to the Funivia.

The first half of the way starts immediately behind the parking of the cable car
and passes through the forest. You have to go a bit downhill till a concrete road and then start going up following the path number 1. On the half way you will reach Rifugio Stoppani.

After the path exits from the forest it follows an easy almost flat part between a meadow and rocks. On the last part of the way you will have to climb some rocks. It is not very complicated or risky, but it is highly recommended to have good shoes.

Download file: Resegone dal parcheggio della funivia.gpx

2. Rifugio Azzoni from Piani d’Erna

This path is much shorter than the previous one because you cover the initial part of the way by a cable car and reach the previously described path on the half way. You can take the cable car from the parking described previously. To reconnect to the main path you will need to go a bit downhill through a forest.

Download file: resegone da piani d’erna.gpx

3. Rifugio Azzoni from Morterone

Morterone is a tiny village at the foot of Resegone, but from an opposite side of it in respect to Lecco. It is officially the smallest municipality in Italy with only 34 inhabitants! In spite small population, it has it’s own open air museum and it is really worthy visiting. However, you can reach it only by car following a very narrow super panoramic road.

The path from Morterone is the easiest to reach Resegone. It will take approximately 1.5 – 2 hours. The first half goes through a forest. Then it exits to an open rocky area. Though this path is much easier than the one that goes up from Lecco, it is recommended to have good shoes, since it is full of small rocks that tend to slide down.


Download file: resegone da morterone.gpx

You can download the gpx files and upload them to some gpx viewing app on your phone, better an offline one. This way you can be sure to stay on the path even if you loose connection.

Some hints before you go







Take some water, the path is exhausting. On the middle of the path you can refill your bottle

A large part of the path is exposed to sun. Take a hat

The path is rocky. Good hiking shoes are necessary

It can be fresh on the top even in summer. Take warm clothes

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