Ferrate around Lecco

Ferrate around Lecco

Despite the Province of Lecco being small, there’s a very ancient tradition of climbing and experiencing the mountains. You will find ferratas (climbing routes that employ steel cables, rungs, or ladders, fixed to the rock) and hiking trails everywhere.

All the mountains sourrounding Lecco like Corni di Canzo, Resegone, Monte due Mani, Corno Medale, Coltignone, Piani di Bobbio and Piani di Artavaggio will give you emotions!

You will find a wide range of difficulties, so pay attention when you select your destination, just to avoid useless problems.

To help you in finding the right Ferrata for you, we suggest taking a look at the following website (click on the image to be redirected), where we filtered for you the 33 available Ferrata; you will find the difficulty level and information on the status (open, under maintenance, closed):

Finally, you will find all the Ferrata described on the website also on our map! You can use the map to see the distance from Lecco! Note that different colors indicate the level of difficulty (green is for the easiest and red is for the hardest). In any case, even for the “green” ones, it is recommended to always have a harness with two leashes and a helmet to secure yourself. Good hiking shoes are a must also for normal trails.

Click on the image to be redirected to interactive map

Our guests Julia and Markus took some wonderful pictures exploring the Ferrata del Centenario, the Corni di Canzo, Monte San Martino, Galleria di Morcate and Moregallo. We asked them for the authorization to publish it since are really artistic pics!! Take a look! Simply fantastic. Thanks again, Julia and Markus.

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