Trekking: from Cainallo to Rifugio Monza Bogani

Start: Cainallo – Esino Lario (Lecco)
Time: 1.30
Altitude: 1800m
Elevation Gain: 500m
Difficulty: E

A very easy trekking for everybody, that will let you discover the wonderful “parco regionale della Grigna Settentrionale”. The Rifugio Bogani is the starting point to reach the top of the Grigna, but you can easily reach other very nice places like Palone or Pizzo della Pieve.

Here is the reel that will show the trekking; you will discover at the end of the reel the reason why we dediced to go, even if the weather was not perfect 🙂

I will try to explain what is that dish… in another post in this blog!

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Follows also a useful link that will help you in planning this trekking:

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